Patrons of the Arts – How did it happen?

A topic near and dear to my heart! One day – a rather magical day – I was sitting at a table with a group of friends. I had been dreaming of putting on a Wearable Art Fashion Show for ages and suddenly, with this group, it was possible. Amazing!

Our conversation continued and we asked ourselves, “If we are going to put on a fabulous gala event featuring our incredible designers and performing artists, could we also look at our visual and performing artists as a whole?” Another passion of our small group turned out to be support for local artists. AND SO… PATRONS OF THE ARTS WAS BORN! 

It all took on an energy of its own. Everyone we talked to said,  “YES, this is what we need. The Campbell River community is rich with art! Bring it on!”

So here we are – a fabulous board of directors, bubbling with enthusiasm, and hoping you will join our group!

Here’s a couple snapshots of our amazing mascots. Max (the mini) and Larry (the max).

Stay tuned for all of our happenings!


2 thoughts on “Patrons of the Arts – How did it happen?

    1. Thank you, Linda! Our journey is just beginning. We are very excited to see our membership growing. We hope you join us too!


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