2019 Wearable Art Show

From the artist’s perspective…

It was a little like Christmas as a child! The box had arrived and, as I paused before opening it, I felt excited and quite apprehensive. My costume for the Wearable Art Fashion Show had arrived! I had agreed to get involved with the project for someone who creates costumes, but does not like to perform.

In the previous weeks, I had been listening to lots of music, just trying to find the right one – and having it be just three minutes long. I felt I had found the right one and I had been practicing for quite some time.

Upon opening the box, I saw that my music would have to change. It was a wonderful floaty felted green number, but it was definitely a tree! I went back to my music to find something that was grander and weightier to anchor me to the ground. I choose the ballroom scene from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Perfect!

And then came the day. Backstage, all around me people were pulling bits of things from bags – some I couldn’t really see how they were going to be worn. But slowly, amazing costumes were assembled, and the excitement began to build. One by one the contestants were called, and we could hear the music start. Now I was really getting nervous! Then the applause from the audience upon the completion of the previous contestant and – yes – my name was called. I walked out to the curtain, paused, waited for my music … and entered!

From an audience member’s perspective…

An announcement is made and the first ever Wearable Art Show begins. I can feel the excitement in the air. Everyone is dressed to the nines and we are as quiet as can be. Of course we are! The music begins quietly, rising beautifully in concert with the model who floats down the aisle and onto the stage. She is adorned in fabric that captures the light and looks surreal. Wow!
And that’s just a snapshot of an amazing event. Then there is more! After the show the models and designers join us. This is a such a highlight for me. Photo ops, a chance to hear about the designs, meet the designers, and models are simply icing on the cake!

For more info on the exciting 2019 Wearable Art Fashion Show go HERE

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