Board Members


penny gosselin chair pota

Penny Gosselin

Chair / Secretary

Penny abounds in creative energy and sees our community as the art place to be. Her background includes leadership roles as an educator and Director on the Tidemark Theatre Society and the CR Arts Council Boards.  Penny is a designer of unique jewelry. She views POTA as a dream come true as it opens doors to local artists and enhances our community.

shelley humble vice chair pota

Shelley Humble


Shelley is a diverse and seasoned professional. She works side by side with stakeholders building vision into reality. Shelley’s upbeat energy and style, along with her expertise in business, are amazing attributes that greatly benefit our local artists and community through POTA. 

heather hughson treasurer pota

Heather Hughson


Heather reflects the heart of the art community in Campbell River. She is an artist, painting mostly with acrylics, with the recent addition of oils to her artistic repertoire. Heather works for the CR Arts Council and curates art shows at the Sybil Andrews Cottage.  POTA benefits from Heather’s warm welcome to art enthusiasts and her wonderful rapport with our local artists.

alyssa penner pota director

Alyssa Penner


Alyssa attended North Island College and is actively involved in the Campbell River art community. Her art includes a variety of subjects and styles. Alyssa brings to POTA her passion of learning and growing through conversations with artists. She has established a local group whereby artists come together once a month and talk all things creative. She works in her studio and teaches at The Crow’s Nest Gallery and Art Studio.

eiko jones pota director

Eiko Jones


Whether exploring bodies of water, or the land that surrounds them, Eiko Jones has developed a dramatic style in which he celebrates the corners of our world which are seldom seen. He captures the surreal through his camera lens. Eiko is an internationally known fine art photographer. He is also an emerging film maker, currently working on two films about salmon and the link to the people of Campbell River. Recently he had an image accepted into the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries. Eiko’s vision and artistic talent are invaluable to POTA.

Heather Gordon Murphy Pota Director

Heather Gordon Murphy


All who know Heather look with wonder at her energy, enthusiasm, and generosity. Her infectious upbeat approach motivates those around her to excel. Heather has 35 years of experience as a dance and movement artist, artistic director, and costume designer.  She is also an internationally renowned choreographer. Her extensive community and international involvement (art, tourism, volunteer groups, non-profit boards and more) and performing arts background bring expertise, experience, and vision to POTA. POTA’s “let’s do it” approach to engaging and supporting performing and visual artists in our community fits Heather to a tee.

charlotte deptford pota board member

Charlotte Deptford


Charlotte loves the arts — performing, visual, musical, written. As a young woman she put 2 years of commercial design behind her, only to discover years later that bringing art to life is where she wants to be. Now she is fully engaged in the arts. Her positive energy, expertise, experience, and the ability to generate creative ideas are wonderful assets for POTA. The POTA board is a great fit for Charlotte as everyone shares the same passion in regard to supporting and providing opportunities to our local artists. A bonus is that it is all fun. Passion, commitment, excitement, fun — these are attributes Charlotte highly values.