The Edge Shop

The Edge Island Inspired Art closed on May 29, 2022. We enjoyed over a year of success, but due to our host hotel’s renovations, we left our beautiful lobby space and closed the shop. We thank you for your support and keep your eyes open… you never know where we’ll pop up next!

Exquisite pottery, jewellery, candles, plush animals, paintings, woodwork, silk scarves, quilts, glassware, kids books, tote bags, candles… there were so many stunning artworks for sale at The Edge. With seasonal creations coming and going, there was no end to the talent and expertise of our local artists and artisans.

Overlooking the beautiful Salish Sea and Quadra Island, The Edge shop was actually on the edge of a cliff. It was located in the main lobby of the Anchor Inn & Suites at 261 Island Highway in Campbell River, BC. We also created an art gallery of works and you can continue to enjoy them in the waterfront restaurant.

The Edge was carefully curated by POTA. The shop started with 23 artists’ high quality wares filling the shelves. During our run, we put $16,600 into the hands of artists and our roster had grown to 55 featured artists. Funds raised also went back into the community by providing POTA funding opportunities and celebrating local visual, written, and performing artists.