Funding Opportunities

Patrons of the Arts began in 2019 as part of the Campbell River Arts Council. POTA’s purpose is twofold – to raise funds and distribute them within the local community to assist with artistic events and activities. Funds are raised through sales at The Edge Island Inspired Art shop, self-produced events, private donations and membership. Artists and event producers are invited to apply for funding to assist with activities.


  • POTA support is to benefit the Campbell River and area community.
  • This can include, but is not limited to, funding an event, or assisting one or more artists involved with an activity.
  • Examples of activities: Concerts, dance and theatre presentations, prizes for artistic competitions, guest artist fees for educational workshops, artist fees for art installations.
  • Artists include, but are not limited to, painters, photographers, potters, carvers, sculptors, writers, musicians, dancers, actors, and other creators and performers.
  • There are no application deadlines, however, POTA’s capacity to fund activities may vary throughout the year. We suggest applying at least six months prior to your event. POTA will acknowledge all applications received.
  • Funds are provided upon approval from POTA.
  • Maximum request amount is $1,000.


  • To build awareness of POTA and the Campbell River Arts Council so that we may help more artists and demonstrate accountability to our funders, our support must be recognized in your activity’s promotional materials. This includes posters, programs, print/digital ads, social media posts, onsite signage.
  • Colour and BW logos of both POTA and the Campbell River Arts Council will be provided for these purposes.


  • Download the POTA Funding Application form below. Provide all requested information, save the PDF and give it to POTA through one of the suggested channels. If you have questions about the application, or difficulty downloading the form, please contact POTA at We look forward to working with you.